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A behind the scenes look at how short films are produced by the internet sensations from Rocketjump. Shows various aspects of the filming process as well as a new short with each episode.

Download Formats: M4V, AVI, MTS, MKV, M2TS, 3GP, ASF

original title: RocketJump: The Show

genge: Action,Comedy


imdb: 7.7
























































A behind the scenes look at how short films are produced by the internet sensations from Rocketjump. Shows various aspects of the filming process as well as a new short with each episode. After the success of VGHS, a lot of eyes were on Rocketjump. Some thought it was the first shot in the battle that would see the end of modern film and television as we know it. Most of us, however, remained cautious, but very intrigued. Obviously, if someone says "the industry on which you've built a career is in danger," a lot of people - including myself - start paying attention.

The premise of Rocketjump: The Show is two-fold. On one side, the studio aims to make the eight best shorts on the internet, while simultaneously shooting a documentary that takes the viewer behind the scenes into the production of each short.

Based on what we knew of Rocketjump - from their own outlets - this sounded very intriguing. Finally, we could get a look into how this rag-tag group of filmmakers makes such incredible content while breaking out of industry norms.

What we got was definitely a surprise, but not in the way many of us had imagined. The shorts were good. Not great, but good. The writing was sub-par, but that's perfectly passable for a 5-minute short. Each installment felt very true to VGHS's style and some of the work show runners Freddie Wong and Matthew Arnold had done in the early days of YouTube. If zany, bizarre humor is your cup of tea, you'll dig it. If not, I'm not so sure.

What really took this show down was the documentary content. They focused mainly on the directors of each short, largely ignoring every other department. Each director had their own problems and issues with their productions, as all directors do. However, it was all under the blanket of drama and conflict. Many of the directors appeared to be suffering beyond the point that many consider normal in the industry.

One director was on the verge of a nervous breakdown before dropping out, another was scolded and humiliated on camera for an ethically questionable scenario that was largely out of his control. Another director, Clint, was circumvented entirely by the show runners, who LITERALLY came onto set and micromanaged Clint's short to the point where Clint wasn't even directing anymore.

From an industry standpoint, not only was a lot of this unacceptable, but it was embarrassing to watch. Yes, life on the set isn't always roses and ponies, but the loose structure of Rocketjump appeared to breed a culture of creative corruption that just doesn't happen on real sets.

From an audience standpoint, what were we given? We never got to see half of the directors tackle their own personal challenges because the show runners would just butt in and start making calls. It was very anti-climactic and most episodes left you with a bad taste in your mouth after you see how they all treat each other.

Perhaps Rocketjump has just grown too big for its bootstraps. Or maybe this is just a growing pain. Part of me wonders what was left on the cutting-room floor. How much of the drama was falsified? Was this a genuine look at Rocketjump's inner workings? There's always the possibility that what we see in the show is a misrepresentation of all that transpired.

Regardless, Rocketjump: The Show gets a 4/10 from me. Solely on the fact that it was uncomfortable and heart-breaking to watch and not at all about the fun-loving young creative the trailer seemed to promise us. Maybe that was the reality. Maybe not. I'm not reviewing what really happened. I'm merely reviewing what we were given. This show has so many great things, but fails. The documentary style of the production is great. The productions themselves have good acting, directing, action, editing, color, style. And shockingly good cinematography at times in the shorts.

But it proves that having everything right, and missing one key part, can make EVERYTHING fall apart. And that is, the writing. The stories just fall apart on the floor.

Without a good story for the short, it's laughable when everything else is perfect. And without a good story for the short, it's sad to watch the documentary on how much work and talent went into making something that resulted in a laughable story.

If anyone ever needed proof there was a case for sourcing scripts, and NOT letting producers and directors rewrite them just for good visuals, this is proof.

Hulu, as much as I love the service, didn't learn from their tragic failure "Resident Advisors." They don't get that they can't become Netflix or Amazon with original content UNTIL they spend money on writers before they dump a ton of cash into production.


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Occupation and creation; a story deconstructing reality, telling a tale about a different Middle East. In an alternative reality the Palestinian army is the occupier, and Palestinian directors make fi

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original title: The Arrest

genge: Short,Action,Drama


imdb: -

duration: 11min








































Occupation and creation; a story deconstructing reality, telling a tale about a different Middle East. In an alternative reality the Palestinian army is the occupier, and Palestinian directors make films to deal with their own trauma. Occupation and creation; A story deconstructing reality, telling a tale about a different Middle East. In an alternative reality the Palestinian army is the occupier and Palestinian directors make action films to deal with their own trauma.


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A railroad needs to cross the land belonging to a young woman. Her crooked guardian tries to cheat her so he can get the right-of-way.

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original title: The Lightning Express

genge: Action,Crime,Western



duration: 3h 40min



keywords: chinaman, treachery, ambush, bushwhacker, cowboyintightpants, cowboyhorserelationship, crookedguardian, railroaddetective, pacificocean, wildparty, playboy, chineseworker, dynamite, investigation, dou
















































A railroad needs to cross the land belonging to a young woman. Her crooked guardian tries to cheat her so he can get the right-of-way. The B&M Railroad is blocked in its goal of extending the line to the Pacific Ocean when Frank Sayer(Louise Lorraine,) refuses to let the railroad cross Bobbie's ranch land. Railroad detective "Whispering" Smith (Lane Chandler), son of the man who built the line's best train,"The Lightning Express", to give up his wild-party, playboy life to help him investigate the death of Bobbie's father. Using an alias, Jack goes to work for the railroad as a foreman. He and Bobbie fall in love, and she decides to support the railroad. But Sayer goes all out in his attempt to stop construction, so he can acquire the right-of-way, and puts the lives of Jack and Bobbie in constant danger.


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A man heading towards Rameshwaram via Chennai express to immerse his late grandfather's ashes unwillingly gets caught amidst goons after helping their boss's daughter and them board the train.

Download Formats: M4V, AVI, MTS, MKV, M2TS, 3GP, ASF

original title: Chennai Express

genge: Action,Comedy,Drama


imdb: 7.1

duration: 2h 21min

tags: This Eid 8th Aug... Ready steady po!


keywords: temple, trainride, ashes, love, grandfather, train, travel, escape, kidnapping, vacation, lastwish, trip, india, fistfight, waterfall, thrownfromatrain, jumpingontoatrain, fatherdaughterrelationship,












































Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) is a forty-year old bachelor and lives in Mumbai. Rahul's parents died in a car accident when he was eight years old and it was his grandparents who brought him up. His grandfather has a sweet-selling business - Y.Y. Mithaiwala - and he owns a chain of stores in Mumbai. Before his birth centenary celebration two of Rahul's friends suggest going to Goa for a vacation to which he accepts. Right before the birth centenary, his grandfather dies. His grandmother tells him that his grandfather desired to have his ashes divided into two parts and have one part of it immersed at Rameswaram. She requests Rahul to go to Rameswaram and immerse the ashes. Rahul reluctantly accepts her request. On the other hand he was eager to attend the Goa trip, so, he and his friends make plans to dump the ashes at Goa. But, they were forced to change their plan when Rahul's grandmother told him that she would be coming to see him off at the station. This forces Rahul to travel by train and he booked a single ticket on the Chennai Express. He plans to meet his friends after commencing the journey at the Kalyan Junction station from where they would travel to Goa by car. Right after commencing the journey from Mumbai railway station, when the train was leaving the platform, Rahul sees a girl running to catch the train. He helps her to board the moving train. Then he notices four men are also running to catch the train. Rahul helps them all to get in. He learns that those four men were actually kidnapping the girl whose name is Meenalochini Azhagu Sundaram (Deepika Padukone) aka Meenamma. She was trying to flee from a forced marriage to Thangaballi (Nikitin Dheer). Her father Durgeshwara Azhagu Sundaram (Sathyaraj), is a powerful headman of the Komban village in west Tamil Nadu. He wants her to marry Thangaballi so that he would assume control of the neighboring village as well. Meena takes Rahul to her father and introduces him as her lover. Thangaballi challenges Rahul for a duel. Rahul accepts without knowing what he spoke in Tamil. On the night of the fight, Rahul tries to escape with the help of a local Sikh policeman but in the turn of events, ends up in Komban village again. Surrounded by sickle-wielding henchmen of Azhagu Sundaram, Rahul then pretends to kill Meena and escapes in her father's favourite car. When the jeep breaks down, they decide to break up and go separately. But, Rahul not knowing which way to go, comes back to Meena who takes him to the Vidhaata village where a wedding was taking place. Meena lies to the people that they are a married couple and have eloped and needed protection. The villagers grow fond of the couple and take care of them as long as they stay while Meena realizes that she has fallen in love with Rahul. When Rahul has plans of leaving secretly, Meena does not want to earn the distrust of the affectionate villagers. As he tries to leave, he is caught by Thangaballi but the villagers help him escape again. Meena who persuades him to immerse his grandpa's ashes travels with Rahul to Rameswaram. There they complete the procedures and on their way back, Rahul, realizing that he has also fallen in love with Meena, chooses not to tell Meena where they are heading. He takes Meena back to her father again and tries to make him understand and honour his daughter's wish. He also confesses for the first time that he loves her too. Rahul tells Thangaballi and his goons that he has come ready for the fight this time. In the fight that follows, Rahul though severely injured emerges the winner. Meena's father and Thangaballi finally turn over a new leaf and accept that the heart of a common man like Rahul is much bigger than their physical ability and political clout. Azhagu Sundaram, allows Rahul to marry his daughter, the twist that changed Rahul's life forever. When they finally unite, the film leaves a message that love knows no barriers of region or language and that with a strong heart, there is no limit to what a common man can achieve. Rahul, a young man of 40, runs a sweet shop established by his grandfather, whose death gives him a chance to enjoy his life and step out of the regular stereotypes. However, first he is given the task of immersing his grandfather's ashes in the holy waters of Rameshawaram. While he's on the journey, he unintentionally becomes the part of another journey : to Komban village, because of being a witness to what happened with the ticket collector. The ones who did with the ticket collector were none other than the cousins of Meenamma, the woman Rahul had helped board the train. What happens further in this journey of adventure, comedy, drama, action, and of course, true love, forms the rest of the story. This movie relies heavily on Shahrukh's star power. If you are not a Shahrukh's fan, you'll not like this movie. And since I'm not a die-hard Shahrukh fan, my review is very objective and will not go well with Shahrukh fans.

After watching the trailer, I had some expectations for the movie but I was disappointed. I found Golmaal movies to be extremely entertaining. Let the critics yell all they want. I enjoyed all the three movies. But Chennai express does not live up-to the hype.

The plot certainly had great potential for a masala movie. At a time when every other Bollywood movie is a remake of South hits, you'll like this new cross-over premise between North and South. However, Rohit Shetty continues his puerile comedy acts and fails this time. And you may/maynot find Shahrukh's OTT antics funny. What worked extremely well in movies like Yes Boss, DDLJ, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, etc. didn't work in this movie (at least for me). There were a few scenes when I laughed out loud, but I could count them on fingers.

The action is sub-par for 2013 movie. After watching Rowdy Rathore's physics defying stunts, everyone expects a similar standard from a Bollywood movie, but somehow Rohit Shetty refrains from it.

Deepika's performance is quite something. After a bombastic performance in Cocktail, she does well in this harebrained movie. Priyamani in her sexy item song (one, two, three, four) seems to enjoy herself. And Honey Singh's foot tapping number Lungi Dance is extremely catchy.

All in all, if you want to go see Shahrukh, then this is the movie for you. If not, you can skip this one and no harm's done. A mass entertainer thats hilarious,zany but not brainless, in Rohit Shetty Style. Chennai Express is a simple tale of a guy named Rahul who is on his way to goa and how he falls in love with meena, and ends up in South India forms the story. Acting wise the film rests on two shoulders, Shahrukh khan and Deepika Padokune, and they don't disappoint. They act well and entertain throughout the film. Deepika's accent and Tamil is adorable. Dir Rohit Shetty after films like the Golmaal series and Bol Bachchan hits the bulls eye again, he narrates a film thats simply funny and entertaining. He makes South India look so beautiful.Great Job and Hats off Rohit!!! Overall Chennai Express is a funny sweet simple mass entertainer which is zany but not brainless in Rohit Shetty STYLE!!! Shahrukh Khan + Eid equals lots of ppl watching the movie, so this film doesn't need my recommendation Although the film serves as a charming introduction to audiences new to the Bollywood genre, those well studied in the history of Shah Rukh Khan movies will be most rewarded, since the screenplay and songs make dozens of references to his earlier films. 7. Highest week 1 collections


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Michael has been estranged from his family for a long time. When he shows up at his brother John's house unexpectedly, Rayanne, his new sister-in-law, decides to let him in. But things are ...

Download Formats: M4V, AVI, MTS, MKV, M2TS, 3GP, ASF

original title: Wedding Dress

genge: Short,Action,Drama,Thriller


imdb: 7.2

duration: 13min













































Michael has been estranged from his family for a long time. When he shows up at his brother John's house unexpectedly, Rayanne, his new sister-in-law, decides to let him in. But things are not always as they seem, and people may not be who they say there are.


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The Angels must uncover who is behind the assassination of an African king while protecting his son, Mark, the sole heir to the throne. As Mark struggles to deal with the tremendous ...DOWNLOAD







































Gli angeli devono scoprire chi c'è dietro l'assassinio di un re africano mentre protegge suo figlio, Mark, l'unico erede al trono. Mentre Mark lotta per affrontare la tremenda responsabilità che viene improvvisamente spinta su di lui, Ray lavora insieme a Kate per indagare sulle sparatorie, il che le fa riconsiderare la loro relazione. Royal Angels è il settimo episodio del reboot di Charlie's Angels. Un re africano viene assassinato e gli Angeli e Bosley sono portati a proteggere il loro erede Mark, che sembra essere una giovane star del basket e scoprire chi c'è dietro. entrano in profondità nelle indagini, vengono condotti da un ricco uomo d'affari e da un improbabile sospetto. Nel frattempo, Mark sente il peso della responsabilità che gli viene conficcato nel fargli perdere il rapporto con Kate.

Questo capita a sii l'ultimo episodio dello show in quanto l'otto episodio non è stato trasmesso affatto. In esso, possiamo vedere gli Angeli essere coinvolti con i diplomatici e entrare nei casi internazionali. Questo sicuramente avrebbe impressionato gli spettatori mentre li vedevamo ampliati la loro capacità di fare il lavoro di detective. Troppo male che ora è tutta acqua sotto il ponte. Purtroppo a questo punto, tutti i personaggi principali - Kate, Eve e Abby - così come Bosley sono ancora lontani dall'essere interessanti e avvincenti. Semplicemente mancava il carisma del santo ars della serie originale. Sad ma vero.


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When the daughter of veteran 911 call center operator Pamela (Mischa Barton), and her estranged husband Jeremy (Luke Goss), a Senior Police Officer, is kidnapped and held hostage, they are ...

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original title: Operator

genge: Action,Drama,Thriller


imdb: 4.1

duration: 1h 28min



keywords: police, policeofficer, fire, hostage, policeofficertrapped, policeofficerbitten, policeofficercrushed, killedinpolicecar, neonoir, psychologicalthriller, survival, ambush, boobytrap, corpse, quarry, a





















































Quando la figlia dell'operatore veterano del call center 911 Pamela (Mischa Barton), e il suo ex marito Jeremy (Luke Goss), un alto ufficiale di polizia, vengono rapiti e tenuti in ostaggio, vengono lasciati alla disperazione, senza altra scelta che seguire le regole del rapitore : invia messaggi tramite la spedizione per tutte le unità di polizia e di fuoco per sparpagliare in luoghi remoti in tutta la città dove sono incontrati con il caos. Non sapendo chi o perché, l'unica cosa che sanno è che se non riescono a collaborare discretamente l'uno con l'altro - saranno i soli responsabili di facilitare il più grande crimine nella storia della città. Ora devono correre contro il tempo per fare la scelta della loro vita - salvare la città - o salvare la loro figlia. Un'altra grande idea sprecata.

Sembra un piano per vendere un gioco per computer, con ladri mascherati che possono ruotare lateralmente e amp; schivate esplosioni di fucili da caccia.

Mischa Barton è completamente a disagio, sembrando acida come se il suo gatto non l'avesse baciata addio dal suo trailer.

Più pensiero alla minaccia & amp; meno spazzatura sul controllo del telefono avrebbe migliorato questa visione.

Incredibili anche Ving Rhames, Michael Pare e tutti gli astuti operatori telefonici che non si accorsero di quello che stava succedendo proprio accanto a loro .

Troppo sciocco per sostenere l'interesse di action / thriller watcher. Recitazione terribile, improbabile risposta umana nel film & amp; molto prevedibile. Ho fatto un account SOLO per far sapere alle persone di non perdere tempo con questo film. Spero che le povere anime ascoltino il mio consiglio. Mischa Barton non ha assolutamente emozioni nei confronti del bambino. Distilla quasi NESSUNA EMOZIONE su sua figlia che viene rapita e quasi annegata. Solo puro disgusto. Non comprarlo Non guardarlo Non preoccuparti nemmeno del trailer.

Non posso credere che la gente abbia pagato dei soldi per fornire questo.

Non farlo.



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Our Man In Paris 720p

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When McCloud is summoned to JFK Airport by Chief Clifford, he finds Clifford held hostage by two crooks, one of whom keeps Clifford company at home while the second goes with McCloud on a ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



































Quando McCloud viene richiamato all'aeroporto JFK dal capo Clifford, trova Clifford tenuto in ostaggio da due truffatori, uno dei quali tiene compagnia a Clifford mentre il secondo va con McCloud su un paio di falsi passaporti diplomatici a Parigi, con questa missione di concludere un affare segreto con i contrabbandieri. Quando McCloud esce dalla rete, lui e una hostess amichevole devono rintracciare il secondo delinquente e prenderlo prima che possa ordinare a Clifford di uccidere. Devo dire che i criminali in questo episodio di McCloud stavano cercando di tirare fuori un piano audace. Catturare nientemeno che il Chief Clifford all'Aeroporto Kennedy e poi usare il capo degli ostaggi per ottenere il maresciallo in visita da Taos per consegnare un caso attaché con un sacco di soldi a Parigi.

Con un po 'di fretta i visti forniti da Terry Carter, Dennis Weaver e uno dei criminali che vanno come capo Clifford sono diretti a Parigi. Ma non è tutto un affare triste. Weaver viaggia con la hostess Susan Strassberg che ama il maresciallo di Taos. Non è sicuramente quello che vede di solito a New York o Parigi.

Non uno dei migliori McClouds, ma comunque abbastanza decente per i fan. Permettetemi prima di dire che IMDb ha dichiarato che questo episodio è arrivato a 47 minuti, ma è un grosso errore perché entra in 91 minuti. Quindi un'altra caratteristica completa della famosa serie di McCloud.

Mi ha aperto gli occhi per alcuni motivi. Prima di tutto il modo in cui usavano la fotocamera era davvero pessimo. Chiaramente, a quei tempi non avevano una camma fissa da usare. È pieno di inquadrature da fotocamera tremolante ed è orribile da guardare a volte. Anche il modo in cui hanno modificato gli inserti era piuttosto raro da vedere. Quindi su una parte della fotocamera e la modifica è mal fatto. Ma non solo, non usavano quasi mai l'illuminazione extra per le parti più scure o le riprese notturne fuori a New York.

L'altra cosa che mi fece cadere la bocca aperta furono gli scatti in aereo. McCloud deve prendere un aereo per andare a Parigi, ma basta guardare da vicino all'interno di quell'aereo. Nessuna cintura di sicurezza. il bagaglio a mano non è sicuro sopra le teste. Ci sono anche tavoli rotondi con posti disponibili a bordo. Vai a scoprirlo.

Ma come la storia va con McCloud, è ancora il playboy con il suo accento del sud. Non mi è piaciuta affatto questa funzione perché la fotocamera è troppo traballante a volte che diventa davvero fastidioso. Anche la storia è un po 'semplice e anche i tiri salvezza sono stati risibili. L'unica parte che è stata divertente è quando McCloud prova a parlare francese a Parigi.

Forse IMDb aveva ragione, avrebbero dovuto fare un episodio di 47 minuti. Sarebbe stato più bello.


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Hanaya Toka Keeki Ya No Musume Ni Otoko Wa Yowai Mukashi No Buyuuden Ha Sanwarimashi De Hanase Online Gratuito

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